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CoRecursive - Software Engineering Interviews

Mar 21, 2018


Today's interview is with John A De Goes. We talk about performance problems with monad transformer on the jvm, various flavours of IO monads and reasoning about polymorphic type signatures.  On the lighter side of things, we discuss how to write technical articles well, flame wars and Zee vs Zed pronunciation.


My team at Tenable is hiring.  We are a distributed team of scala developers working on static analysis of docker containers (among other things).

We are a team of smart people, working fairly autonomously on interesting problems.  We are one of many teams working on interesting problems at Tenable.  I think its a great place to work.

I am in Peterborough, in Canada, and our team has people working in the US, Ireland and the UK as well.

Here is the job posting:

Tell them Adam sent you, or you can email me directly at work abell at or use this link to apply.


Show Notes: